Foolproof Reasons You Should Be Living In A Log Cabin Home

Yes, it can be hard to imagine living in a log cabin home as your main property. This can seem strange because you are not going to build or find a log cabin in a city or suburb. Thus, you may not get all that comes with being so close to life. But, a case can be made for why you should be living in a log cabin home. We are not suggesting you up and move to one after reading this because the reasons can be enticing. But, we thought you would want to have the option should you decide one day to take the leap.
Debt Free

While log cabins cost money to build, they are not as expensive as a full blown house, especially if you keep it simple. In fact, according to Log Cabin Hub, “Building a log cabin on a budget is achievable. Not only is it achievable but it is possible. Our build cost just under $20,000, well $19,400 to be exact, excluding purchasing the land and the interior. Keep in mind that the size and complexity of your cabin are the most significant factors for the cost. Economies of scale can be achieved for larger cabins, but, these savings are minimal compared to the outlay.” Building a log cabin home does not have to cost much, and the website laid out all its cost in it’s build, which you can see here. If you plan it right, you could just buy the land and build a home with little or no debt owed, making life a whole lot less stressful.

Save The Environment

Living in a log cabin home is great for the environment. Not only is the home made from natural sources, but it is energy efficient when built right, and you can use the shade of the surrounding trees and sun coming into the windows to cool and warm the house, which saves on electricity. Plus, a fireplace helps keep things warm in the winter. Plus, as you have seen building the home can be done affordably, which means less energy will be used in the process. And when it comes to saving the environment, every bit helps.

Have it Your Way

When you design your log cabin home, you can do with it as you please. No community codes to adhere to or having to take what is available and gut it. You can make it truly your own, which allows you to express your inner designer and builder. You do not have to make it look like the other row houses or homes lining a street. You can make it any shape and size you want with any amenities you want. The sky is your limit. You can choose to put it in an open field or surrounded by trees. It is up to you to makes a choice to live in one pretty tempting.

Learn a New Skill and DIY

If you choose to build your home, you will not only learn lots of new skills; you will also feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment you may not have felt in a while. It may seem daunting at first to take on some or all of the responsibility of building a log cabin home, but you will get the hang of it. And if you have a family, what a great way to teach life skills as well as practical skills such as math and science to your children. In fact, you would be teaching children survival skills, which is somewhat, arguably, a lost skill in today’s digital world.

At Peace

Living in a log cabin home is both a peaceful and spiritual experience. You are surrounded by trees, streams, lakes, and animals you would not experience on your average street. This is something that puts you at ease and peace. At the risk of sounding corny, it is really a spiritual awakening to wake up to and be surrounded by this type of atmosphere on a daily basis. Your doctor will be happy too because your stress level and blood pressure may be better as a result.

The notion of living in a log cabin home year round can seem a bit odd at first. But, when you consider the benefits, they may just outweigh trying to keep up with the Joneses and run the rat race until you can afford to retire (if you can at all). Living in a log cabin home, when done with thought and planning, can allow you to reduce expenses, leave less of a carbon footprint on the world, teach you new skills, help your family learn new things and grow, and help your overall well-being. That combination of reasons to live in a log cabin home is foolproof. Call us today to discuss how we can help you achieve this reality when you decide you are ready.


How to Build A Log Cabin

Log cabin homes are amazing. Made of wood and often nestled in the middle of nature, they are a wonder to behold. They come with all the creature comforts of home, including state of the art kitchens, windows that let in lots of light, and so many other things we often take for granted.

It is no surprise that log cabin homes of today are made using technology, manufacturing, and other advanced methods to make the process simpler and cost efficient. But have you ever wondered how to build a log cabin on your own? What would it be like, look like, feel like, and so much more are many things we often wonder when we think of what it takes to build a log cabin home. We thought it would be fun to share a little more about how to build a log cabin home the old fashioned way so you can gain a greater perspective and appreciation for the log cabin home you have today.

One important note before we delve into things. We are discussing how log cabin homes were built during the times America was expanding west. You can still build a log cabin home today, and if you want to learn how to, you can use this great resource. In fact, it even gives you information on how to purchase your log cabin kit. Yes, that is a real kit. And we would be happy to assist you along the way at Jaworski Coatings. From finishing the wood to inspecting the completed house to maintaining it, we can ensure what you build will last for years. Now, on to a little of how the settlers that helped expand America built their log cabins.


When settlers were building their homes, it was not to have something cool to relax in on vacation. They were building it because no one else could, and it was their home and place of survival. Building a log cabin home would have been back breaking work, and it only goes to show the drive these pioneers had that helped make America what it is today. Below are the steps that would take and tools they would have used.


Below are the tools you would have used. You may not recognize some of them as they are not common anymore. After the tools are the steps you would take if you were building a log cabin home as the settlers did. Due to modern technology, it would be misguided not to use some electronic items when building. However, settlers would not have had access to this.

1. A crosscut saw to fell the trees, cut your lengths and make any straight cuts.
2. An axe for hundreds of jobs.
3. A two-person log carrier, because carrying a 20-foot long log up a hill can be challenging.
4. A draw knife or barking spud to debark the logs.
5. A peavey to roll the logs into position.
6. An adze to start most of your notches, smooth limb stubs and knots.
7. A hand drill and a 20-inch drill bit so you can pin the logs together at the corners if you choose to build that way.
8. A broad axe is likely the most useful tool you will have. Use it to smooth and fit notches, shape any part of any log, and more.
9. A mallet or sledgehammer to drive corners together and set corner pins.

Pick Your Land

In the settlers day, they may not have always had the premier pick of the land. The Homestead Act of 1862 allowed people, including free slaves to put in to get 160 acres of land for free. About 1.6 million claims were made according to the History Channel. While settlers may not have had a choice of their land, they kept some things in mind when placing the cabin on the land. One consideration was facing the cabin facing south so they would get the sun shining in and warm it up, avoid snow drifts, and know which way was which.

Pick Your Wood

Settlers would have had to choose based on what was around, or they were willing to travel to get, but generally many woods were suitable for use to build the cabin. Spruce, Tamarack, and Pine were among the options. Other considerations such as taper and being able to age the wood may have come into play. But considering this was the place that settlers would live, they often did not have time to wait two years for the wood to dry to avoid cracking and other issues.

Debark The Logs

The next step the settlers would have taken would be taking the bark off the tree. The trees could be debarked where they fell or back at the build site. This is an important step to ensure the wood is smooth as can be and all bugs and other obstacles are removed.

Building The Foundation

This would encompass one of two options. The first would be to build stone walls at 4 to 6-foot intervals. You would do this along with the prepared and packed dirt within the outer walls. The other option is using small spot pillars. Then there would be the matter of where the fireplace would go because you would build up extra flooring around it. Consider you have no computers and this is not an exercise in precision.

Sub Flooring and Walls

The next step in the process would have been to place the sub flooring. This meant turning the logs into wood boards. You would then want to raise the side walls. This meant fitting logs on top of logs much like with log cabin toys where there were notches at the end. This would involve some trial and error to get the logs to align properly. And without caulking and insulation, you would use mud and other substances to fill in between the logs to keep things in and out of the cabin.

Build the Fireplace and Roof

Next, you would build up the chimney. You would build it and seal it. Then you would put the roof up. This can get technical, so we will not go into much detail. But this involved joining the side walls with the roofing at a certain angle. Most roofs were rectangular too.

Window Frames, Doors, Flooring, and Clean and Protection

The finishing touches would be to fit the windows into the spaces set for them with some handy work and hammering. Then you would frame the doors. Lastly, you would sand the floor to finish it or place something else like stone down. After all the work is done, it would be time to clean the home with a long handled brush. This would remove dirt and debris.

Keep in mind that this is a very simplified version of what would have been done to build a log cabin home the old fashioned way. Remember that logs would be hauled by cart and mule or horse, and everything was done manually and with a ton of elbow grease. There was nothing easy about this endeavor. And the homes, once they were done were very simple in nature. They were usually one room with a stove of some kind, a bed or two and some other minor items. Imagine though, the feeling of owning the land outright and not having a 15 or 30-year mortgage to pay for your home. It is hard to imagine, but this was a very different way of life. To see what building a log cabin home from scratch looks like, watch this video.

We hope this gives you a little more of an appreciation for the log cabin home you have. With that in mind, it is important to keep your home well maintained. Feel free to contact us for a free inspection or just to learn more about log cabin home maintenance and restoration. Also, note that in no way is this post meant to be a guide to encourage you to go out and build your log cabin home.

Four Paintings We Love and Why You Should Love Them for Your Log Cabin Home


We love painting, but we also love paintings. And nothing makes a log cabin home feel more unique than having high-quality art in it. Art is not only great to look at and admire, it also has amazing effects on our brain. However, as the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This is what makes art so special to us. One can interpret it in many ways. A person may see the same painting on separate occasions and have very different responses to it. The famed Mona Lisa is a prime example. Is she smiling? Is she happy? That depends on your mood and interpretation. With its rich backstory and history, we find it a marvel to bear witness to and think it should be a staple in every log cabin home. Below are some of our other favorite paintings and reasons why you should love them too.


Norman Rockwell’s War News

We love anything by Norman Rockwell. The paintings and advertisements he has done reflect American life in a way no one else can. His paintings capture the authenticity of twentieth-century America while telling a story. In this painting, for example, according to the Norman Rockwell Museum, “An unassuming fictional private named Willie Gillis told the story of one man’s army in a series of eleven published (and one unpublished) Saturday Evening Post covers, in which he was depicted doing everything from proudly receiving a care package from home to peeling potatoes and reading the hometown news.” These paintings were posted by the USO in train stations, bus terminal lounges, and USO clubs across America and in Europe during World War II. We love how his paintings captured the stories of the American people and a way of life that still elicits feelings of how different the times must have been. We think his paintings belong on every log cabin home wall because they reflect the American spirit that log cabins have come to represent.

3D Art

We love how 3D art looks real and has depth and detail that is amazing. Whether it’s painted on a concrete wall or a canvas, we think everyone should own a piece of 3D art to bring their log cabin home to life. There are some amazing artists and 3D works out there. From trucks coming out of the ground to a woman on a beach chair on the beach, these works of art make you think the actual image you are seeing is really there in front of you. We think it would be great to wake up every morning to a 3D painting in your log cabin.

Magic Eye Paintings

When you are staying in your log cabin home, you’ll have plenty of time to contemplate the world around you. Why not spend some of that time with a Magic Eye painting? We love these paintings because they have different layers of images that you can only find by studying them. You could spend hours trying to see what you think is the true image in these paintings. We love this as a form of amusement and for its sheer brilliance for your log cabin home.

Whether you want something historic like the Mona Lisa, something that captures a place in time, or something surreal, we think our favorite paintings will help give you a few ideas to help get you started. There is no shortage of great art out there to make your log cabin home feel unique. Even if you decide to use a local artist, the art you choose is an important part of your cabin. Need help choosing a painting or want a certain painting done? Give us a call today!


5 Ideas for Making Your Log Cabin Home Feel Cozy

When you think about feeling cozy, what comes to mind? Is it sitting by a fireplace with a glass of wine? Is it sitting in a recliner reading a good book? Is it lying under the sheets of the bed just enjoying the sun come in through the window? Cozy has a different meaning for everyone. Some people, for example, find large spaces cozy. Yet, others prefer tight spaces with lots of stuff cozy. How you make your log cabin home feel cozy can range depending on your definition of cozy. But, we had some ideas that are universal that we think everyone can use to make their log cabin home as comfortable as possible.

The Rugs

A rug can make any room feel cozy. The thought of walking barefoot on the right rug can conjure up homely images. Choosing the right rug for your space can take some consideration. However, it is worth the time. Imagine spending time laying on a rug with the dogs to relax, or playing with the children. Perhaps you like to read lying on the rug, or the idea of a rug that matches the decor and makes the room feel warm is what does it for you. Anyway you look at it, the rugs you choose can make your log cabin home feel cozy.

The Smell

Scent can do wonders for your well-being. It can make you feel relaxed, enhance your mood, or make you feel warm and fuzzy. Thus, you want to consider the scents in your log cabin home to make you feel at home. For some that could be using sandalwood hand soaps. For others it may be the smell of fresh laundry or a certain potpourri scent. Some prefer no scent and use anti-odor remedies. Others like the smell of nature around the cabin. Whatever smell it is that makes you feel cozy, use it in your log cabin.


After coming home from a long day of activities, you may just want to plop down in a cushy recliner and relax. Or, you may prefer a plush bed that you can spend ample time in with your dog or partner. Some people just want a nice sofa to sink into. Yet, others prefer wooden rockers and swings on the porch. Your furniture can make your home feel that much cozier depending on what you like. Be sure to choose the best furniture that will make you feel the most comfortable in your log cabin home.


There is nothing more iconic when it comes to log cabin home imagery than a fire going while snow is falling outside. The smoke emanates from the chimney while the crackle of the wood inside gives off a warmth like no other. Having a fireplace, whether you use it or not, can give your log cabin home that ultimate feeling of comfort and coziness. In fact, anything that creates that cozy feel, such as a coal stove, can have the same effect. Plus, you may even decide to have a bonfire outside too to get that cozy feeling a fire brings.

The Little Things

Cozy can simply be a state of mind based on memories. In this case, it could be little things that make you feel cozy. It may be that image from your favorite artist that brings you instant comfort. It could be some plants that make you feel at ease. Perhaps it is your family pictures that make you feel comfortable and cozy knowing you have warm fuzzy memories of good times. Or, it may just be the personal time with loved ones in the cabin that puts you completely at ease. There are so many little things that can make you feel comfortable in your log cabin home, and it may not take much to make this happen.

We want you to feel cozy in your log cabin home. We know the time you spend there is special, and we want you to enjoy it and feel comfortable. That is why we offer inspections, refinishing services, and repair and maintenance service. We want to ensure your log cabin home is well cared for, which makes it feel cozy too. Contact us today to see how we can help make your home cozy or so we can give you some ideas on how to do so yourself.

5 Ideas to Top Off Your Log Cabin Home Kitchen

Your log cabin home kitchen is a place where memories are made. Think about the time spent cooking meals for your family, cooking with the children, or late nights chatting and playing games. The kitchen is one of those special places where you spend time, but when in your log cabin home, the time spent in the kitchen is never enough. We love log cabins, and naturally the kitchen is one of our favorite places to spend quality time with family. So, we wanted to share some ideas to top off your kitchen and make it the best place in the home to build those special memories.

Sinks and Appliances

Your sinks and appliances can make a log cabin home kitchen much more enjoyable and functional. From stainless steel appliances to large sink bowls, you can do so much with your sinks and appliances to make them special. Wide and deep sinks are extremely functional. You can even make your appliances’ wood match the log cabin and give it a rustic feel. You can find inspiration on places like Pinterest.

Tables and Chairs

Depending on the feel and look you are going for, you can make your kitchen that special place by choosing comfortable chairs to spend hours in, or if you are more about entertaining, you can have stools that make it feel more casual. Your tables can be made from wood to match the cabin itself, or you can choose something that would act as a contrast to the wood, like metal or steel. You can make your table so it has extenders for when the whole family is sitting down together as well. Or, perhaps, you want to focus on having a bar like in the image at the top where you can sit down for a nice meal with just you and another person. You can see some furniture for your kitchen here.


Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference. That cookie jar the children love to steal from, or the candles that sit on the kitchen counter. You can find a lot of ideas for ways to accessorize your kitchen with trinkets such as antique pieces, family photos, cooper pots, an iron tea pot, or other items to make it feel more special and authentic.


In most cases, your kitchen cabinets will be natural wood with a clear protective finish. This makes them fit the feel of the log cabin home. You can choose to make the wood knotty or clear pine, maple, cherry, hickory, oak, or cedar. Some custom cabinetmakers construct cabinet doors and drawer fronts using half logs. That way they match the look of the walls. Others use milk-paints and crackle finishes on early American style cabinets. This makes them antiqued and distressed to add to the rustic charm. No matter what you choose, your cabinets will set a subtle tone for your kitchen that makes it feel special and will be recalled in the memories of those who spent time there.

Wall Decorations

One way to make a log cabin home kitchen extra special is through the art you choose to put on the wall. This could range from images of the old west to photos taken doing activities in and out of the cabin. You may choose to use traditional art or something more abstract. The art and decorations you put on the walls of the kitchen will help give it that feel of being lived in and make it a place you want to spend more time in. You can even go as far as having antique clocks and other items on the wall.

No matter what theme or tone you choose to use for your kitchen, you it can be the best place in the log cabin home. Aside from meals, you will spend time talking, playing games, and hosting friends in the kitchen. Why not take some time to make it feel as special as it is. If you need ideas, contact us today!

Log Cabins From Around The World

Log cabins are great! You can even make them with Lego, like in the picture above! When you think of log cabin homes, you may think that they are an American phenomenon. And while the oldest log cabin in America, and possibly the western hemisphere, resides in New Jersey, it is only one of many fascinating log cabin homes from around the world. Below are some cabins from around the world we think take the cake as some of the coolest around.


Glass Cabin, West Virginia

Photographer Nick Olsen and his partner Lilah Horrowitz of Milwaukee, Wisconsin built this cabin as a retreat from their busy lives. In the West Virginia Mountains, the getaway features an impressive wall of windows for viewing the sunset. What started as a joke on their first date walking the West Virginia Mountains turned into a reality within two years. The couple quit their jobs, drove across Pennsylvania collecting glass windows along the way and built the cabin of their dreams.


Lion Sands Game Reserve Tree Houses, South Africa

This open-air design is built from an old photography platform and offers breathtaking views of the South African landscape. This cabin is a part of the Lion Sands Game Reserve. It has everything you’d want from vacation housing, including a fully furnished bedroom, bathroom, and all manner of animals just a few feet below you.


The Nook Treehouse, Surrey England

This luxurious cabin, built by Blue Forest in Sussex, England looks like something out of a fairy tale. However, not only is it very real, you can book it for your next vacation.


The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

This is exorbitantly expensive, but the Manta Resort’s tiny floating lodging is unlike any other cabin on this list, or the world for that matter. Situated just off shore, the cabin provides the astonishing views one would hope for of the clear blue sea, instead of verdant green woods. This cabin has three levels, requires a short boat ride to get to, and immerses you in the sea.


Eagle Brae Highland Log Cabins, Beauly, Scotland

Scotland’s Eagle Brae resort has several cabins available for vacationers. Vacationers can take advantage of these log homes that are the real deal: log frames, turf roofs, fur carpets, taxidermied game, and expertly crafted wood furniture. The Loxia cabin unit is pictured above. The cabins include log burning stoves, local artwork, and wood furnishing caved in the Himalayas. This is high-class vacationing at its finest.

These are just a smattering of log cabin homes available around the world. America may have possibly the oldest log cabin and a penchant for what images the words log cabin bring up, but log cabin homes have evolved to mean so much more to people around the world. If you want to learn more about other log cabins around the world or how we can help make yours one of the cooler ones around, give us a call today!

5 Ideas for Decorating The Inside of Your Log Cabin Home

A log cabin home is like a great work of art. There is simply no wrong way to build or decorate a log cabin. From small and simple to large and luxurious, you can find log cabins in all shapes, sizes, and styles. This translates to the inside of your log cabin home as well. It is like having a blank canvas that you can do what you please with. This freedom to create your own personal style in your log cabin home is one reason we love log cabins. With that in mind, below are some ideas for decorating the inside of your log cabin.

Envision the End Result

Because you have a blank canvas, you will want to play around with different color swatches, fabrics, and other ideas for decorating your cabin, especially because you will likely be decorating more than one room. To help you with this, create a board where you layout what you want the room or area to look like. Include options for furniture, fabric, colors, and anything else you may place in that area. This will help you organize your thoughts and help you be more efficient in your planning. Plus, the end result will be more professional. This is a design school basic. Take images from magazines or the internet, photos of things you see in shops, and color swatches and place them on your board. Start with the end in mind.

Keep the Room In Mind

Look at the room or space you want to decorate for ideas. Use the architecture of the room for clues on how to decorate it. Look for warm tones in the wood of the room to help pick colors to use when decorating. Also, you can go bold and decorate with some contrasting colors to make the room pop with accent pieces.

Use Colors Wisely

Consider the room and its purpose. When choosing colors you may want to create a relaxing oasis with colors like watery blues or purple. However, in other rooms like the bathroom, you may decide to go with colors that are more contrasting to create elegance. The same goes for the furniture. Choose furniture in colors that will not only complement the tone of the wood of the cabin, but will help create the right mood of the room you intend to create.

Mismatch Accessories

Mix and match patterns, stripes, and florals when choosing accessories. This will be a trial and error process. But things like pillows, blankets, small lamps, and other minor accessories are not that big of an investment. To make the task less overwhelming, keep the color choices to just a few. The right accessories in the right color scheme can bring out the beauty in a room in a way other efforts cannot.

Let Your Inner Hippie Lose

It is okay to let go of the conventions of modern design and let your design freak flag fly a little. Throw in some artsy items such as throw blankets or area rugs that are just different to make the log cabin home feel unique. Tile patterned rugs are great for room entrances, for example. Experiment and try some things. You may surprise yourself.

Other Ideas for Decorating Include:

● Do not clutter with too much stuff
● Use what you have to save some money
● Look west for inspiration
● Keep lighting in mind
● Decide if you want to cover the windows or leave them open for natural light to flood in
● Know thyself and trust your judgement
We love fixing, maintaining, and refinishing log cabins, and we have seen some amazing interior decorations that are one of a kind. And they came from the owners’ planning and imagination. Contact us today to ask for decoration ideas or if you just want us to let you know we love what you choose to do with your log cabin!

Five Ideas to Make the Outside of Your Log Cabin Home Amazing

There is a saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This is no truer than when it comes to any kid of decoration, especially landscaping. There are some amazing landscaping jobs that blow us away. You can see some of them here. And we think all of them are amazing. When it comes to a log cabin home, landscaping is a must. Since you are surrounded by nature, it only makes sense that you would want your shrubbery and yards to look as beautiful as the nature around you. But, landscaping is only one part of the process. There are many other ways to make the outside of your log cabin home look amazing and here’s our list of five of them here.

Wind Chimes

Nothing says calm like wind chimes. As they gently blow in the breeze, they make soothing sounds reminding us that all is safe and calm. There are many types of wind chimes. From solar to bell to wood, wind chimes come in many shapes, styles, sizes, and types of material. That means that they can fit into any decor and you can hang them off the porch roof or place them on a standing post in your yard. Wind chimes can make any log cabin home look great!

Garden Accessories

You have probably driven through a housing community and seen garden gnomes, wind socks, and other accessories that make a house stand out. Imagine how great your log cabin home would look with different accessories in your front yard, porch or garden.
We have seen thousands of log cabin homes in the time we have been fixing, maintaining, and refinishing, and have seen some creative garden and general accessories that make a home look amazing. Below are just some things we loved, and you may too.

● Archways
● Mini water wells
● Bird houses
● Fake flamingos
● Lighting
● Mini statues
● Benches
● And more!

Prep the Porch

In our opinion, a bare front porch is a waste of a porch. A porch filled with the right furniture and plants can become an inviting place to relax and entertain. Imagine a nice evening spent on the porch with candles lit, talking and staring off in the distance. You don’t have to go crazy either. A couple of wooden rocking chairs that match the outside of the house with a bench and a couple plants would work great. No matter what you choose, however, patio furniture and some plants can make the outside of your log cabin look great!

It is All about the Walkway

You probably will be coming and going from your log cabin home frequently while you are there. Your walkway can accent your log cabin home in a way other accessories cannot, especially because it is one of the first things people and you see when coming and going. Imagine a walkway with some beautiful lights along each side and hand-picked stones that make it look almost zen. Even a mailbox made of wood to match your log cabin home could make the walkway look better. Make your walkway into a welcoming way to come and go to help your log cabin home be amazing on the outside.

Step Up

Steps are an important part of any home. When it comes to log cabin homes, steps are statement makers. They can be short and sweet or long and winding. Steps are a place where you can add some personality or flare to help compliment your home or to make your home stand out. For example, you may decide to have inspirational messages on the face of each step. Or, you may choose to put lights in the steps to make it safe at night and shine some light on the facade of your home. Or, you may choose to use the railings of your steps to hang some flower pots. So step it up, and make your steps mean something to help the outside of your log cabin home look amazing.

What matters is that your home is beautiful to you. There are many ways to make the outside of your log cabin home amazing. Among them are landscaping, garden accessories, chimes, patio furniture, and so much more. Call us if you need some ideas or a place to find that accent to make the outside of your home rock!

Five Must Do Activities While Staying at a Log Cabin

You work hard all year round, and you need a break. Every day you go through the same monotonous routine that starts to drag down your spirit after a while and you just need to get away from it all and recharge. You need vacations. No one is going to argue that vacations can help you de-stress and relieve anxiety. Did you know that, according to Psychology Today, vacations contribute positively to family bonding, communication and solidarity? That’s right, a vacation can actually improve the strength and communication between families. But before you run to your log cabin home as fast as you can, it is important to do some planning. After all, there is so much to take advantage of and do when you are on your vacation in that remote location. Below are five of our favorite things to do on vacation in a log cabin home.

Be a Local

Wherever you are, you are likely to be within driving distance of the local town. There is nothing with a more escapist feel than blending into a different community. By seeing the way different people live, learning about the local culture, and experiencing the local life, you can become immersed in a different world, which helps you escape yours. Getting to know the locals and becoming a part of their world will also help you gain some perspective on yours. Perhaps things are not as hard as they seem, or you see a better way to do something that causes less stress.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

According to the Positive Psychology Program, nature has some great benefits. The top three include the following:

1. Reduced stress
2. Improved mood
3. Improved cognitive performance

To experience these results, you don’t have to go out and meditate in the middle of a forest. If that is something you want to do, we are all for it! But, just sitting on the porch and watching the snow fall or the trees sway can be just as calming as going for a hike or snowshoeing. There are so many activities that fall under outdoor activities that there is no reason you can’t enjoy the great outdoors while you are at your log cabin home. From swimming in the lake to sunbathing to running on a trail, being in nature can take any form you like. Just leave the cabin and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Disconnect to Connect

Forbes mentions five reasons to disconnect from technology. Among them are stress recovery, improved sleep, and less irritability. One of the reasons we love working on log cabin homes is because we feel these positive effects of being away from our phones and computers. Our families tell us we are much more enjoyable to be around after a day working on a cabin. What this means for you is that you can disconnect by doing other activities that help create that bond and communication as well as improve your mind. Things such as reading, playing board or card games, or doing an outside project such as building a birdhouse all are great ways to disconnect and improve your mind, bonding and communication.

Pick Some Berries

Before grocery stores and delivery services, people used to have to find their own food. That meant living off the land. Part of that process included finding edible berries and other plants in nature. We are not suggesting you live off the land. Of course you will eat real food, shop, and cook. We are suggesting that you go berry picking. You can learn what edible berries are out there and go to find for them. You may just enjoy the taste of berries right off the vine and it may give you a greater appreciation for the value of the food you eat. You are also getting out and doing something new, which expands your mind.

Bird Watching

We admit it, we love birds. We find it truly amazing that they can fly so well and have the instincts to know how to nest, feed their young, and stay safe from prey. They are amazing. That is why we think one very fun activity for your log cabin home vacation would be to bird watch. You can learn all about different birds here then you can find out what birds are popular in the area of the country you are in and watch them. We think you will find it enthralling and enjoyable as well as refreshing and relaxing.

Being on vacation is a great way to unwind from the daily grind. Active vacations are the best. By active we mean doing something rather than going to a different place to watch TV or sit on a computer. With nature and local town around you, you have no shortage of creative ideas to do when in your log cabin home. Enjoy your stay! And if you need some new ideas, give us a call!

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Unbelievable Facts You Did Not Know About Log Cabin Homes

The picture above looks pretty unbelievable. But, it is real. One might take it for a fake or that it was photoshopped. But, it was not. The cabin is real, the colors of the trees, and the openness of the land are all real. It is amazing the things you learn you never knew. And as lifelong learners, we love finding out unbelievable facts about, well, anything! We love log cabin homes too, and we love maintaining, fixing, and refinishing them. With each project we do, we find something new and exciting about the history of the home, the family, or the area. With that in mind, we thought we would tickle your brain with some unbelievable facts about log cabin homes.

They Birthed Fame and Politics

Seven United States presidents were either born or raised in log cabins. They include Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan and Adlai Stevenson. Even more unbelievable is that the log cabin came to be seen as a political icon when William Henry Harrison used it as a for a presidential bid to show he was a man of the people.

Largest Log Cabin Homes in The World

Granot Loma is supposed to be the largest log cabin home in the world and comes at a price tag of a whopping 40 million dollars at its highest point! The home sits on the shoreline of lake superior. It has 23 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. It has a 30 foot long fireplace and there are other structures on the property.

World’s Cheapest Log Cabin

This log cabin was built on a couple’s month’s savings. It has a loft that doubles its space, small windows to keep heat in and cold out, and has wide eaves for when it rains and snows. The design is based on a Norwegian storehouse. That is small! The couple built it themselves using simple tools and cutting down and stripping their own trees. Talk about cheap labor!

Breakfast Syrup and Toys

Lincoln logs are a classic children’s toy. They were created by the son of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Originally made from wood, the little logs with notched ends that allow them to connect to build a log cabin home, are now made of plastic. Lincoln logs are now 100 years old!

Log Cabin Syrup is named after President Abraham Lincoln. Patrick J Towle, a grocer from Minnesota, has been making log cabin syrup for a long time: over 100 years! Patrick introduced the syrup in 1887 and chose the name to honor Lincoln who grew up in a Kentucky log cabin home. The syrup as well as lincoln logs remain popular in the United States today.

Log Cabins are amazing as are some of the facts about them. Unbelievably, who knew there was such an expensive log cabin and such a cheap one made by hand today. Who knew toys and syrups were designed after them and still exist today. Pretty amazing facts. To learn some amazing facts about how we can help you keep your log cabin home in tip top shape, contact us today