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Unbelievable Facts You Did Not Know About Log Cabin Homes

The picture above looks pretty unbelievable. But, it is real. One might take it for a fake or that it was photoshopped. But, it was not. The cabin is real, the colors of the trees, and the openness of the land are all real. It is amazing the things you learn you never knew. And as lifelong learners, we love finding out unbelievable facts about, well, anything! We love log cabin homes too, and we love maintaining, fixing, and refinishing them. With each project we do, we find something new and exciting about the history of the home, the family, or the area. With that in mind, we thought we would tickle your brain with some unbelievable facts about log cabin homes.

They Birthed Fame and Politics

Seven United States presidents were either born or raised in log cabins. They include Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan and Adlai Stevenson. Even more unbelievable is that the log cabin came to be seen as a political icon when William Henry Harrison used it as a for a presidential bid to show he was a man of the people.

Largest Log Cabin Homes in The World

Granot Loma is supposed to be the largest log cabin home in the world and comes at a price tag of a whopping 40 million dollars at its highest point! The home sits on the shoreline of lake superior. It has 23 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. It has a 30 foot long fireplace and there are other structures on the property.

World’s Cheapest Log Cabin

This log cabin was built on a couple’s month’s savings. It has a loft that doubles its space, small windows to keep heat in and cold out, and has wide eaves for when it rains and snows. The design is based on a Norwegian storehouse. That is small! The couple built it themselves using simple tools and cutting down and stripping their own trees. Talk about cheap labor!

Breakfast Syrup and Toys

Lincoln logs are a classic children’s toy. They were created by the son of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Originally made from wood, the little logs with notched ends that allow them to connect to build a log cabin home, are now made of plastic. Lincoln logs are now 100 years old!

Log Cabin Syrup is named after President Abraham Lincoln. Patrick J Towle, a grocer from Minnesota, has been making log cabin syrup for a long time: over 100 years! Patrick introduced the syrup in 1887 and chose the name to honor Lincoln who grew up in a Kentucky log cabin home. The syrup as well as lincoln logs remain popular in the United States today.

Log Cabins are amazing as are some of the facts about them. Unbelievably, who knew there was such an expensive log cabin and such a cheap one made by hand today. Who knew toys and syrups were designed after them and still exist today. Pretty amazing facts. To learn some amazing facts about how we can help you keep your log cabin home in tip top shape, contact us today

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  1. Bailey Anne
    Bailey Anne says:

    Wow this was very cool! I actually found this on Pinterest of all places. My husband and I bought a log home just a few weeks back. Moved in and just waiting on a few things to arrive this weekend. It is fascinating that so much history is with these styles of homes. I’m going to share this post on Facebook and I may be in touch soon for some cleaning. I think we should have the home inspected, cleaned, and sealed to make sure it lasts many more years. I love that you guys are in Ohio as well. I grew up there but now I live in Michigan.

  2. Dave W.
    Dave W. says:

    I grew up playing with Lincoln logs! I guess that will be telling of my age. I really enjoyed reading this. I live in the northern part of Indiana. Bought my first log cabin home in 2011. I feel like I own a piece of history now more so than ever so I want to make sure I take good care of it. I like to see companies like this that go beyond the job to show their passion. I know cabin refinishing, restoration, ect. is not easy work!

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