West Virginia Log Homes

Once upon a time, West Virginia was a gateway to the Wild West. Open land to own and farm on held an allure that is still enriched by the American Dream of owning a home. We believe the best example of this is the ability to own, rent, or lease a log home in West Virginia.

West Virginia has amazing natural resources. From rivers and streams to mountains and lakes, the state is a natural breeding ground begging for log cabins to be built on. At Jaworski Coatings, we aim to take the log cabins that exist or that you built and restored, maintained, fixed, or refinished and work on them so they are fresh and new. We realize the weather in West Virginia can flux between wind, rain, snow, cold, and hot. Thus, we do preventative work to ensure your log home can withstand any season. That way you stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, dry in a rainstorm, and safe from howling winds.

Should your log cabin find itself needing repairs due to wear and tear, weather, or age, we have highly trained and experienced crews ready to fix, maintain, restore, or refinish your log home. Armed with the precise tools needed to complete any task, our crew works with you to efficiently ensure your log cabin is in sterling condition in the fastest possible time. We use the latest technology when we work as well as old-fashioned proven methods. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to see how we can make that a reality for you!