Tennessee Log Homes

Tennessee is famous for many things. From BBQ to music, Tennessee offers a rich and vibrant culture to explore. Among this rich culture are the Great Smoky Mountains. A sub-mountain of the Appalachian Trail, these mountain ranges border Tennessee and North Carolina. Majestic and rich with wildlife and solitude, this is a great place to have a log home. At Jaworski Coatings, we love Tennessee’s log homes. We love the fact that they can be beautifully built to reflect their surroundings and that they are in a state with so much culture and beauty.

We aim to make these log homes last like the impression Tennessee has on its visitors and residents. We accomplish this through open and honest communication from the start. With a free consultation, our professionals will examine your log cabin and evaluate the work that needs to be done based on your description. We will provide you with all the information on what needs restoring, fixing, maintaining, and refinishing while explaining why. We educate you as much as possible so you know log cabins as well as we do. An educated customer means we did our job right.

Once you decide on which of our recommendations you want to go with, we will get to work. Using top-quality tools and supplies, we work hard, efficiently, and smart to get your log cabin in the best possible condition. We offer support beyond the job itself. We make ourselves available to you so that you know your investment is well cared for. Tune your guitar, sit on your porch, and give us a call so we can sing you a tune about how we can help your log cabin shine bright in the clear Tennessee night.