Log Cabins From Around The World

Log cabins are great! You can even make them with Lego, like in the picture above! When you think of log cabin homes, you may think that they are an American phenomenon. And while the oldest log cabin in America, and possibly the western hemisphere, resides in New Jersey, it is only one of many fascinating log cabin homes from around the world. Below are some cabins from around the world we think take the cake as some of the coolest around.


Glass Cabin, West Virginia

Photographer Nick Olsen and his partner Lilah Horrowitz of Milwaukee, Wisconsin built this cabin as a retreat from their busy lives. In the West Virginia Mountains, the getaway features an impressive wall of windows for viewing the sunset. What started as a joke on their first date walking the West Virginia Mountains turned into a reality within two years. The couple quit their jobs, drove across Pennsylvania collecting glass windows along the way and built the cabin of their dreams.


Lion Sands Game Reserve Tree Houses, South Africa

This open-air design is built from an old photography platform and offers breathtaking views of the South African landscape. This cabin is a part of the Lion Sands Game Reserve. It has everything you’d want from vacation housing, including a fully furnished bedroom, bathroom, and all manner of animals just a few feet below you.


The Nook Treehouse, Surrey England

This luxurious cabin, built by Blue Forest in Sussex, England looks like something out of a fairy tale. However, not only is it very real, you can book it for your next vacation.


The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

This is exorbitantly expensive, but the Manta Resort’s tiny floating lodging is unlike any other cabin on this list, or the world for that matter. Situated just off shore, the cabin provides the astonishing views one would hope for of the clear blue sea, instead of verdant green woods. This cabin has three levels, requires a short boat ride to get to, and immerses you in the sea.


Eagle Brae Highland Log Cabins, Beauly, Scotland

Scotland’s Eagle Brae resort has several cabins available for vacationers. Vacationers can take advantage of these log homes that are the real deal: log frames, turf roofs, fur carpets, taxidermied game, and expertly crafted wood furniture. The Loxia cabin unit is pictured above. The cabins include log burning stoves, local artwork, and wood furnishing caved in the Himalayas. This is high-class vacationing at its finest.

These are just a smattering of log cabin homes available around the world. America may have possibly the oldest log cabin and a penchant for what images the words log cabin bring up, but log cabin homes have evolved to mean so much more to people around the world. If you want to learn more about other log cabins around the world or how we can help make yours one of the cooler ones around, give us a call today!

Five Ideas to Make the Outside of Your Log Cabin Home Amazing

There is a saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This is no truer than when it comes to any kid of decoration, especially landscaping. There are some amazing landscaping jobs that blow us away. You can see some of them here. And we think all of them are amazing. When it comes to a log cabin home, landscaping is a must. Since you are surrounded by nature, it only makes sense that you would want your shrubbery and yards to look as beautiful as the nature around you. But, landscaping is only one part of the process. There are many other ways to make the outside of your log cabin home look amazing and here’s our list of five of them here.

Wind Chimes

Nothing says calm like wind chimes. As they gently blow in the breeze, they make soothing sounds reminding us that all is safe and calm. There are many types of wind chimes. From solar to bell to wood, wind chimes come in many shapes, styles, sizes, and types of material. That means that they can fit into any decor and you can hang them off the porch roof or place them on a standing post in your yard. Wind chimes can make any log cabin home look great!

Garden Accessories

You have probably driven through a housing community and seen garden gnomes, wind socks, and other accessories that make a house stand out. Imagine how great your log cabin home would look with different accessories in your front yard, porch or garden.
We have seen thousands of log cabin homes in the time we have been fixing, maintaining, and refinishing, and have seen some creative garden and general accessories that make a home look amazing. Below are just some things we loved, and you may too.

● Archways
● Mini water wells
● Bird houses
● Fake flamingos
● Lighting
● Mini statues
● Benches
● And more!

Prep the Porch

In our opinion, a bare front porch is a waste of a porch. A porch filled with the right furniture and plants can become an inviting place to relax and entertain. Imagine a nice evening spent on the porch with candles lit, talking and staring off in the distance. You don’t have to go crazy either. A couple of wooden rocking chairs that match the outside of the house with a bench and a couple plants would work great. No matter what you choose, however, patio furniture and some plants can make the outside of your log cabin look great!

It is All about the Walkway

You probably will be coming and going from your log cabin home frequently while you are there. Your walkway can accent your log cabin home in a way other accessories cannot, especially because it is one of the first things people and you see when coming and going. Imagine a walkway with some beautiful lights along each side and hand-picked stones that make it look almost zen. Even a mailbox made of wood to match your log cabin home could make the walkway look better. Make your walkway into a welcoming way to come and go to help your log cabin home be amazing on the outside.

Step Up

Steps are an important part of any home. When it comes to log cabin homes, steps are statement makers. They can be short and sweet or long and winding. Steps are a place where you can add some personality or flare to help compliment your home or to make your home stand out. For example, you may decide to have inspirational messages on the face of each step. Or, you may choose to put lights in the steps to make it safe at night and shine some light on the facade of your home. Or, you may choose to use the railings of your steps to hang some flower pots. So step it up, and make your steps mean something to help the outside of your log cabin home look amazing.

What matters is that your home is beautiful to you. There are many ways to make the outside of your log cabin home amazing. Among them are landscaping, garden accessories, chimes, patio furniture, and so much more. Call us if you need some ideas or a place to find that accent to make the outside of your home rock!

Five Must Do Activities While Staying at a Log Cabin

You work hard all year round, and you need a break. Every day you go through the same monotonous routine that starts to drag down your spirit after a while and you just need to get away from it all and recharge. You need vacations. No one is going to argue that vacations can help you de-stress and relieve anxiety. Did you know that, according to Psychology Today, vacations contribute positively to family bonding, communication and solidarity? That’s right, a vacation can actually improve the strength and communication between families. But before you run to your log cabin home as fast as you can, it is important to do some planning. After all, there is so much to take advantage of and do when you are on your vacation in that remote location. Below are five of our favorite things to do on vacation in a log cabin home.

Be a Local

Wherever you are, you are likely to be within driving distance of the local town. There is nothing with a more escapist feel than blending into a different community. By seeing the way different people live, learning about the local culture, and experiencing the local life, you can become immersed in a different world, which helps you escape yours. Getting to know the locals and becoming a part of their world will also help you gain some perspective on yours. Perhaps things are not as hard as they seem, or you see a better way to do something that causes less stress.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

According to the Positive Psychology Program, nature has some great benefits. The top three include the following:

1. Reduced stress
2. Improved mood
3. Improved cognitive performance

To experience these results, you don’t have to go out and meditate in the middle of a forest. If that is something you want to do, we are all for it! But, just sitting on the porch and watching the snow fall or the trees sway can be just as calming as going for a hike or snowshoeing. There are so many activities that fall under outdoor activities that there is no reason you can’t enjoy the great outdoors while you are at your log cabin home. From swimming in the lake to sunbathing to running on a trail, being in nature can take any form you like. Just leave the cabin and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Disconnect to Connect

Forbes mentions five reasons to disconnect from technology. Among them are stress recovery, improved sleep, and less irritability. One of the reasons we love working on log cabin homes is because we feel these positive effects of being away from our phones and computers. Our families tell us we are much more enjoyable to be around after a day working on a cabin. What this means for you is that you can disconnect by doing other activities that help create that bond and communication as well as improve your mind. Things such as reading, playing board or card games, or doing an outside project such as building a birdhouse all are great ways to disconnect and improve your mind, bonding and communication.

Pick Some Berries

Before grocery stores and delivery services, people used to have to find their own food. That meant living off the land. Part of that process included finding edible berries and other plants in nature. We are not suggesting you live off the land. Of course you will eat real food, shop, and cook. We are suggesting that you go berry picking. You can learn what edible berries are out there and go to find for them. You may just enjoy the taste of berries right off the vine and it may give you a greater appreciation for the value of the food you eat. You are also getting out and doing something new, which expands your mind.

Bird Watching

We admit it, we love birds. We find it truly amazing that they can fly so well and have the instincts to know how to nest, feed their young, and stay safe from prey. They are amazing. That is why we think one very fun activity for your log cabin home vacation would be to bird watch. You can learn all about different birds here then you can find out what birds are popular in the area of the country you are in and watch them. We think you will find it enthralling and enjoyable as well as refreshing and relaxing.

Being on vacation is a great way to unwind from the daily grind. Active vacations are the best. By active we mean doing something rather than going to a different place to watch TV or sit on a computer. With nature and local town around you, you have no shortage of creative ideas to do when in your log cabin home. Enjoy your stay! And if you need some new ideas, give us a call!