5 Ways to Make Your Log Cabin Home Feel like Home

Log cabin homes are the best! You can get away from it all while still being somewhat close to it all. You get all the joy of being distant from our dizzy modern lives while being close enough to a small town or city should you have a need to get into town for something. However, depending on how often you visit your log cabin, it may take you time to settle in and have it feel like home. That is why we wanted to present some ideas on how to make your log cabin home in Michigan or any other state feel like home everytime you go!

Bring Items From Home

Log cabin decorating ideas are out there in abundance on sites like Pinterest. And they are great when trying to set up or upgrade your log cabin home as the part of a larger project. To make your log cabin homes feel like home, bring items that are personal from your own home. Items like blankets you sleep with, pictures of family, or a family heirloom are all great ideas. You can even leave some things in your cabin, so when you come back, you get that sense of home right away.

Cook in Your Cabin
Okay, so this is not a decoration idea. However, nothing says home like good old fashioned home cooking. Buying groceries and making some of your favorite foods to bring for the stay or buying locally and cooking those family staples while at the cabin can make it have that home feeling. Want to make it feel even more like home? Cook together as a family.

Create a Tradition
Traditions are strong reminders that we are part of something bigger. They give us a sense that we belong to something special. Family traditions are no different. When you have family traditions, you feel as though you are part of a clan and bond more closely with each other. Thus, create a new tradition at your Kentucky log cabin home or wherever your home resides. This will make it feel more like home as you do that same tradition each visit and it becomes part of family folklore.

All In The Family

Spending time in your log cabin home with family is what the visit there is usually all about. And there is no better way to make your cabin feel like a home than to spend time doing things in and outside the home with family. Play board games, watch a show, go for a bike ride, or another activity where everyone can be involved. Nothing says home like family, and as the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.”

Make it Personal

In your real home, you most likely have decorations and accents that you love to come home to. Maybe they carry a special memory, or they are just something you love the design and functionality of. Do the same with your Log cabin home. Maybe you want to find local furniture or decorations you like or a local craftsman or artist to buy something from. Making it personal makes it home.

Log cabins are so much fun to spend time in and relax. They allow time with family and to get away from it all. However, you want your log cabin to feel like home. The tips above can help you achieve this feeling. We want to help you attain this feeling too! If you need your log cabin home refinished, fixed, or maintained, contact us!

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  1. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    It is said that the smells of living give the log homes their smell. I have lived in a log home for nearly 15 years now and it has changed a lot since my husband and I have moved in. The wood almost helps keep the scents of life present. I found this post because I was looking for a contractor in Ohio who specialized in log repair. I loved this article a lot actually. I will be in touch on Monday.

  2. Jim
    Jim says:

    I spent many summers in a log cabin with my father. When he past away in 2008 I swore I would buy that cabin he rented out every summer. I have come to found out that it was taken down due to rot. My loving wife seen how upset I was and told me that we were moving. She showed my a log cabin home that looks almost identical to the one I spent all those years in. Needless to say we bought it and will be moving in in a few more weeks. Does your company service all of Indiana? I wand to get the works done to this house to be sure it doesn’t end up like the one I loved as a child. I really enjoyed this post a lot.

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