South Carolina Log Homes

Known for its shoreline and subtropical climate, South Carolina is a wonderful place to live or visit. Part of its charm is finding things to do that are nature centric. This includes going to the beach, hiking, fishing, canoeing, surfing, and so much more. It is easier than ever to enjoy an active and peaceful lifestyle in South Carolina. This kind of living also makes it an ideal place to own, lease, or rent a log home. At Jaworski Coatings, we know all too well the joys and pleasures of an environment such as this. Our painting company, which has been around for over thirty years, is situated on the Treasure Coast of Florida, which is another natural, rich area with beautiful parks and shorelines.

We understand the joy of having a log home in South Carolina. Having a place to relax and unwind after a long day of hiking, surfing, or fishing is a great luxury. Or, perhaps, you enjoy spending the day living off the land and reading. Either way, at Jaworski Coatings we have all the expertise and tools to maintain, fix, restore, or refinish your log cabin.

Our highly trained technicians know how log cabins age, including their weaknesses. They know how they react to varying weather conditions, which in South Carolina can mean lots of sun, wind, and rain.

When you choose Jaworski Coatings as your log cabin company, we’ll address your current situation, what you are looking to have done, and offer a plan with timelines and an affordable quote. Since we are a family business, we do business like you are family. We do not pressure you or force you to make any decisions until you are ready, and we are here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to see how we can help your little slice of paradise maintain its functionality all year!