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Columbiana Log Homes

Columbiana Log Home Maintenance
Columbiana city is located in  columbiana county and mahoning county, Ohio state.

A specialized inspection by Jaworski Coatings Inc. can make sure you know what’s wrong and what’s right with your log home located in Columbiana city, regardless of whether you’re moving toward the sale of your home or whether you’re keeping it for decades to come.

Jaworski Coatings Inc. can provide you with the log home inspection you need to make educated decisions about what to repair on your log home located in Columbiana and what’s not as major of issues.

Log Home Refinishing in Columbiana
The process of refinishing your Columbiana log home is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is to protect your home from the sun.

Modern refinishing products protect your home’s logs from the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

Even clear log home stains can be made to protect your home from the sun.

Sealing your home with an effective stain or paint can protect your home from moisture, insects and any weathering of your log home in Columbiana.
Columbiana Log Home Repair
In Columbiana, the inspection process your log home should be investigated for any deficiencies like mold and mildew, insects, holes, physical weaknesses, corner support, moisture and the effectiveness of your current sealants.

Jaworski Coatings Inc. will first use its expertise to inspect the outside of your log home in Columbiana for signs of mold or insects.

Log Home Restoration in Columbiana
Insects will be eliminated, moisture will be dried, holes and gaps will be filled with the finest in filler materials and weaknesses in your wood will be strengthened.

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