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The word Modular can be a grubby word, suggesting momentary disaster-zone structures and the Shady Lane Trailer Park. But now, Modular is a term used for parts of buildings that are manufactured off-site or in factories, from roof sections to entire multiroom abodes, in standard sizes and shipped to another place. The history of modular log homes goes far back as the early 1900s.

A century later, technology is helping produce outstanding modern homes and multifamily structures built in the same Uniform Building Codes as on-site built homes, all for less expense, less time and greater quality. Modular homes have taken a big leap in housing. This is evident in the new homes of Sweden and Japan which are considered first-class residences.
Cost effective homes
Modular homes are very cost effective. You can save thousands of dollars by paying less for volume purchasing and labor saving building processes. Plus, you can notably reduce the length of your construction loan. The controlled building process eliminates common risks associated with traditional on-site building homes such as late contractors, weather delays, wasted materials which are lost through theft and vandalism, depleted supply of materials which have to be re-ordered.

A common misconception is that lower cost is the number one reason why modular log homes are built, but statistics show that it is only secondary to superior quality. A modular log home is built under roof inside the factory beneath controlled and ideal working conditions. With this, your home is protected from the outside elements such as foul winds, unforgiving rain and harsh sun. Houses are normally built on a flat surface ensuring a plumb structure. Considering that the factory-built elements have to be transported, they are built in construction methods with 20% to 30% more materials than on-site built homes which results to a finished product with greater durability. Furthermore, studies show that modular homes have consistently held up much better than traditional on-site built homes in extreme weather, including hurricanes.
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The log homes we build are much tighter. They are entirely wrapped with breathable plastic which eliminates air drafts especially during transport. We use high quality logs that do not shrink, which is a common problem in traditional log homes. This means that when there is no shrinkage, the logs won’t twist, leaving no leakage for air and water. This all results to minimal maintenance of your log homes.

Modular log homes have shorter construction time compared to traditional on-site home building. The modules are built inside a factory then delivered to the site in a matter of weeks. On its arrival on the site, it is immediately set on the foundation by a crane and a cream of experts. The home sections are then attached to the foundation and secured to each other. Once this is done, the exterior doors and windows are then installed. Setting just takes a few days but rest assured that it is weather tight, secured, and lockable.
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Whatever the job is, our team of professionals facilitates all aspects of the building process, including design, selection, permitting and installation, even financing and insurance services. Unlike traditional on-site laborers, our entire team of building experts is in one place. Thus, the factory manager can proficiently oversee every worker’s job the entire shift assuring best results during the time of their work. Meticulous inspection is done during and after construction to ensure that every home meets our high principles and code requirements.

It is our firm conviction that every person should be able to afford their dream home. With this, we perform our business to the best of our abilities no matter what we are building. We can never be happy unless our customers acquire the best quality and service that they and their homes deserve. We also trust that the genuine value of a well–built home is priceless. It is not just a house made of logs, but a home where memories and lives are made and shared to last ceaselessly. We pride ourselves in providing excellent options for that dream house that will last for generations. Above all, we dedicate ourselves to your 100% satisfaction.

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