Log Cabins From Around The World

Log cabins are great! You can even make them with Lego, like in the picture above! When you think of log cabin homes, you may think that they are an American phenomenon. And while the oldest log cabin in America, and possibly the western hemisphere, resides in New Jersey, it is only one of many fascinating log cabin homes from around the world. Below are some cabins from around the world we think take the cake as some of the coolest around.


Glass Cabin, West Virginia

Photographer Nick Olsen and his partner Lilah Horrowitz of Milwaukee, Wisconsin built this cabin as a retreat from their busy lives. In the West Virginia Mountains, the getaway features an impressive wall of windows for viewing the sunset. What started as a joke on their first date walking the West Virginia Mountains turned into a reality within two years. The couple quit their jobs, drove across Pennsylvania collecting glass windows along the way and built the cabin of their dreams.


Lion Sands Game Reserve Tree Houses, South Africa

This open-air design is built from an old photography platform and offers breathtaking views of the South African landscape. This cabin is a part of the Lion Sands Game Reserve. It has everything you’d want from vacation housing, including a fully furnished bedroom, bathroom, and all manner of animals just a few feet below you.


The Nook Treehouse, Surrey England

This luxurious cabin, built by Blue Forest in Sussex, England looks like something out of a fairy tale. However, not only is it very real, you can book it for your next vacation.


The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

This is exorbitantly expensive, but the Manta Resort’s tiny floating lodging is unlike any other cabin on this list, or the world for that matter. Situated just off shore, the cabin provides the astonishing views one would hope for of the clear blue sea, instead of verdant green woods. This cabin has three levels, requires a short boat ride to get to, and immerses you in the sea.


Eagle Brae Highland Log Cabins, Beauly, Scotland

Scotland’s Eagle Brae resort has several cabins available for vacationers. Vacationers can take advantage of these log homes that are the real deal: log frames, turf roofs, fur carpets, taxidermied game, and expertly crafted wood furniture. The Loxia cabin unit is pictured above. The cabins include log burning stoves, local artwork, and wood furnishing caved in the Himalayas. This is high-class vacationing at its finest.

These are just a smattering of log cabin homes available around the world. America may have possibly the oldest log cabin and a penchant for what images the words log cabin bring up, but log cabin homes have evolved to mean so much more to people around the world. If you want to learn more about other log cabins around the world or how we can help make yours one of the cooler ones around, give us a call today!