Four Paintings We Love and Why You Should Love Them for Your Log Cabin Home


We love painting, but we also love paintings. And nothing makes a log cabin home feel more unique than having high-quality art in it. Art is not only great to look at and admire, it also has amazing effects on our brain. However, as the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This is what makes art so special to us. One can interpret it in many ways. A person may see the same painting on separate occasions and have very different responses to it. The famed Mona Lisa is a prime example. Is she smiling? Is she happy? That depends on your mood and interpretation. With its rich backstory and history, we find it a marvel to bear witness to and think it should be a staple in every log cabin home. Below are some of our other favorite paintings and reasons why you should love them too.


Norman Rockwell’s War News

We love anything by Norman Rockwell. The paintings and advertisements he has done reflect American life in a way no one else can. His paintings capture the authenticity of twentieth-century America while telling a story. In this painting, for example, according to the Norman Rockwell Museum, “An unassuming fictional private named Willie Gillis told the story of one man’s army in a series of eleven published (and one unpublished) Saturday Evening Post covers, in which he was depicted doing everything from proudly receiving a care package from home to peeling potatoes and reading the hometown news.” These paintings were posted by the USO in train stations, bus terminal lounges, and USO clubs across America and in Europe during World War II. We love how his paintings captured the stories of the American people and a way of life that still elicits feelings of how different the times must have been. We think his paintings belong on every log cabin home wall because they reflect the American spirit that log cabins have come to represent.

3D Art

We love how 3D art looks real and has depth and detail that is amazing. Whether it’s painted on a concrete wall or a canvas, we think everyone should own a piece of 3D art to bring their log cabin home to life. There are some amazing artists and 3D works out there. From trucks coming out of the ground to a woman on a beach chair on the beach, these works of art make you think the actual image you are seeing is really there in front of you. We think it would be great to wake up every morning to a 3D painting in your log cabin.

Magic Eye Paintings

When you are staying in your log cabin home, you’ll have plenty of time to contemplate the world around you. Why not spend some of that time with a Magic Eye painting? We love these paintings because they have different layers of images that you can only find by studying them. You could spend hours trying to see what you think is the true image in these paintings. We love this as a form of amusement and for its sheer brilliance for your log cabin home.

Whether you want something historic like the Mona Lisa, something that captures a place in time, or something surreal, we think our favorite paintings will help give you a few ideas to help get you started. There is no shortage of great art out there to make your log cabin home feel unique. Even if you decide to use a local artist, the art you choose is an important part of your cabin. Need help choosing a painting or want a certain painting done? Give us a call today!