Foolproof Reasons You Should Be Living In A Log Cabin Home

Yes, it can be hard to imagine living in a log cabin home as your main property. This can seem strange because you are not going to build or find a log cabin in a city or suburb. Thus, you may not get all that comes with being so close to life. But, a case can be made for why you should be living in a log cabin home. We are not suggesting you up and move to one after reading this because the reasons can be enticing. But, we thought you would want to have the option should you decide one day to take the leap.
Debt Free

While log cabins cost money to build, they are not as expensive as a full blown house, especially if you keep it simple. In fact, according to Log Cabin Hub, “Building a log cabin on a budget is achievable. Not only is it achievable but it is possible. Our build cost just under $20,000, well $19,400 to be exact, excluding purchasing the land and the interior. Keep in mind that the size and complexity of your cabin are the most significant factors for the cost. Economies of scale can be achieved for larger cabins, but, these savings are minimal compared to the outlay.” Building a log cabin home does not have to cost much, and the website laid out all its cost in it’s build, which you can see here. If you plan it right, you could just buy the land and build a home with little or no debt owed, making life a whole lot less stressful.

Save The Environment

Living in a log cabin home is great for the environment. Not only is the home made from natural sources, but it is energy efficient when built right, and you can use the shade of the surrounding trees and sun coming into the windows to cool and warm the house, which saves on electricity. Plus, a fireplace helps keep things warm in the winter. Plus, as you have seen building the home can be done affordably, which means less energy will be used in the process. And when it comes to saving the environment, every bit helps.

Have it Your Way

When you design your log cabin home, you can do with it as you please. No community codes to adhere to or having to take what is available and gut it. You can make it truly your own, which allows you to express your inner designer and builder. You do not have to make it look like the other row houses or homes lining a street. You can make it any shape and size you want with any amenities you want. The sky is your limit. You can choose to put it in an open field or surrounded by trees. It is up to you to makes a choice to live in one pretty tempting.

Learn a New Skill and DIY

If you choose to build your home, you will not only learn lots of new skills; you will also feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment you may not have felt in a while. It may seem daunting at first to take on some or all of the responsibility of building a log cabin home, but you will get the hang of it. And if you have a family, what a great way to teach life skills as well as practical skills such as math and science to your children. In fact, you would be teaching children survival skills, which is somewhat, arguably, a lost skill in today’s digital world.

At Peace

Living in a log cabin home is both a peaceful and spiritual experience. You are surrounded by trees, streams, lakes, and animals you would not experience on your average street. This is something that puts you at ease and peace. At the risk of sounding corny, it is really a spiritual awakening to wake up to and be surrounded by this type of atmosphere on a daily basis. Your doctor will be happy too because your stress level and blood pressure may be better as a result.

The notion of living in a log cabin home year round can seem a bit odd at first. But, when you consider the benefits, they may just outweigh trying to keep up with the Joneses and run the rat race until you can afford to retire (if you can at all). Living in a log cabin home, when done with thought and planning, can allow you to reduce expenses, leave less of a carbon footprint on the world, teach you new skills, help your family learn new things and grow, and help your overall well-being. That combination of reasons to live in a log cabin home is foolproof. Call us today to discuss how we can help you achieve this reality when you decide you are ready.