5 Ideas for Making Your Log Cabin Home Feel Cozy

When you think about feeling cozy, what comes to mind? Is it sitting by a fireplace with a glass of wine? Is it sitting in a recliner reading a good book? Is it lying under the sheets of the bed just enjoying the sun come in through the window? Cozy has a different meaning for everyone. Some people, for example, find large spaces cozy. Yet, others prefer tight spaces with lots of stuff cozy. How you make your log cabin home feel cozy can range depending on your definition of cozy. But, we had some ideas that are universal that we think everyone can use to make their log cabin home as comfortable as possible.

The Rugs

A rug can make any room feel cozy. The thought of walking barefoot on the right rug can conjure up homely images. Choosing the right rug for your space can take some consideration. However, it is worth the time. Imagine spending time laying on a rug with the dogs to relax, or playing with the children. Perhaps you like to read lying on the rug, or the idea of a rug that matches the decor and makes the room feel warm is what does it for you. Anyway you look at it, the rugs you choose can make your log cabin home feel cozy.

The Smell

Scent can do wonders for your well-being. It can make you feel relaxed, enhance your mood, or make you feel warm and fuzzy. Thus, you want to consider the scents in your log cabin home to make you feel at home. For some that could be using sandalwood hand soaps. For others it may be the smell of fresh laundry or a certain potpourri scent. Some prefer no scent and use anti-odor remedies. Others like the smell of nature around the cabin. Whatever smell it is that makes you feel cozy, use it in your log cabin.


After coming home from a long day of activities, you may just want to plop down in a cushy recliner and relax. Or, you may prefer a plush bed that you can spend ample time in with your dog or partner. Some people just want a nice sofa to sink into. Yet, others prefer wooden rockers and swings on the porch. Your furniture can make your home feel that much cozier depending on what you like. Be sure to choose the best furniture that will make you feel the most comfortable in your log cabin home.


There is nothing more iconic when it comes to log cabin home imagery than a fire going while snow is falling outside. The smoke emanates from the chimney while the crackle of the wood inside gives off a warmth like no other. Having a fireplace, whether you use it or not, can give your log cabin home that ultimate feeling of comfort and coziness. In fact, anything that creates that cozy feel, such as a coal stove, can have the same effect. Plus, you may even decide to have a bonfire outside too to get that cozy feeling a fire brings.

The Little Things

Cozy can simply be a state of mind based on memories. In this case, it could be little things that make you feel cozy. It may be that image from your favorite artist that brings you instant comfort. It could be some plants that make you feel at ease. Perhaps it is your family pictures that make you feel comfortable and cozy knowing you have warm fuzzy memories of good times. Or, it may just be the personal time with loved ones in the cabin that puts you completely at ease. There are so many little things that can make you feel comfortable in your log cabin home, and it may not take much to make this happen.

We want you to feel cozy in your log cabin home. We know the time you spend there is special, and we want you to enjoy it and feel comfortable. That is why we offer inspections, refinishing services, and repair and maintenance service. We want to ensure your log cabin home is well cared for, which makes it feel cozy too. Contact us today to see how we can help make your home cozy or so we can give you some ideas on how to do so yourself.

5 Ideas to Top Off Your Log Cabin Home Kitchen

Your log cabin home kitchen is a place where memories are made. Think about the time spent cooking meals for your family, cooking with the children, or late nights chatting and playing games. The kitchen is one of those special places where you spend time, but when in your log cabin home, the time spent in the kitchen is never enough. We love log cabins, and naturally the kitchen is one of our favorite places to spend quality time with family. So, we wanted to share some ideas to top off your kitchen and make it the best place in the home to build those special memories.

Sinks and Appliances

Your sinks and appliances can make a log cabin home kitchen much more enjoyable and functional. From stainless steel appliances to large sink bowls, you can do so much with your sinks and appliances to make them special. Wide and deep sinks are extremely functional. You can even make your appliances’ wood match the log cabin and give it a rustic feel. You can find inspiration on places like Pinterest.

Tables and Chairs

Depending on the feel and look you are going for, you can make your kitchen that special place by choosing comfortable chairs to spend hours in, or if you are more about entertaining, you can have stools that make it feel more casual. Your tables can be made from wood to match the cabin itself, or you can choose something that would act as a contrast to the wood, like metal or steel. You can make your table so it has extenders for when the whole family is sitting down together as well. Or, perhaps, you want to focus on having a bar like in the image at the top where you can sit down for a nice meal with just you and another person. You can see some furniture for your kitchen here.


Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference. That cookie jar the children love to steal from, or the candles that sit on the kitchen counter. You can find a lot of ideas for ways to accessorize your kitchen with trinkets such as antique pieces, family photos, cooper pots, an iron tea pot, or other items to make it feel more special and authentic.


In most cases, your kitchen cabinets will be natural wood with a clear protective finish. This makes them fit the feel of the log cabin home. You can choose to make the wood knotty or clear pine, maple, cherry, hickory, oak, or cedar. Some custom cabinetmakers construct cabinet doors and drawer fronts using half logs. That way they match the look of the walls. Others use milk-paints and crackle finishes on early American style cabinets. This makes them antiqued and distressed to add to the rustic charm. No matter what you choose, your cabinets will set a subtle tone for your kitchen that makes it feel special and will be recalled in the memories of those who spent time there.

Wall Decorations

One way to make a log cabin home kitchen extra special is through the art you choose to put on the wall. This could range from images of the old west to photos taken doing activities in and out of the cabin. You may choose to use traditional art or something more abstract. The art and decorations you put on the walls of the kitchen will help give it that feel of being lived in and make it a place you want to spend more time in. You can even go as far as having antique clocks and other items on the wall.

No matter what theme or tone you choose to use for your kitchen, you it can be the best place in the log cabin home. Aside from meals, you will spend time talking, playing games, and hosting friends in the kitchen. Why not take some time to make it feel as special as it is. If you need ideas, contact us today!