5 Ideas for Decorating The Inside of Your Log Cabin Home

A log cabin home is like a great work of art. There is simply no wrong way to build or decorate a log cabin. From small and simple to large and luxurious, you can find log cabins in all shapes, sizes, and styles. This translates to the inside of your log cabin home as well. It is like having a blank canvas that you can do what you please with. This freedom to create your own personal style in your log cabin home is one reason we love log cabins. With that in mind, below are some ideas for decorating the inside of your log cabin.

Envision the End Result

Because you have a blank canvas, you will want to play around with different color swatches, fabrics, and other ideas for decorating your cabin, especially because you will likely be decorating more than one room. To help you with this, create a board where you layout what you want the room or area to look like. Include options for furniture, fabric, colors, and anything else you may place in that area. This will help you organize your thoughts and help you be more efficient in your planning. Plus, the end result will be more professional. This is a design school basic. Take images from magazines or the internet, photos of things you see in shops, and color swatches and place them on your board. Start with the end in mind.

Keep the Room In Mind

Look at the room or space you want to decorate for ideas. Use the architecture of the room for clues on how to decorate it. Look for warm tones in the wood of the room to help pick colors to use when decorating. Also, you can go bold and decorate with some contrasting colors to make the room pop with accent pieces.

Use Colors Wisely

Consider the room and its purpose. When choosing colors you may want to create a relaxing oasis with colors like watery blues or purple. However, in other rooms like the bathroom, you may decide to go with colors that are more contrasting to create elegance. The same goes for the furniture. Choose furniture in colors that will not only complement the tone of the wood of the cabin, but will help create the right mood of the room you intend to create.

Mismatch Accessories

Mix and match patterns, stripes, and florals when choosing accessories. This will be a trial and error process. But things like pillows, blankets, small lamps, and other minor accessories are not that big of an investment. To make the task less overwhelming, keep the color choices to just a few. The right accessories in the right color scheme can bring out the beauty in a room in a way other efforts cannot.

Let Your Inner Hippie Lose

It is okay to let go of the conventions of modern design and let your design freak flag fly a little. Throw in some artsy items such as throw blankets or area rugs that are just different to make the log cabin home feel unique. Tile patterned rugs are great for room entrances, for example. Experiment and try some things. You may surprise yourself.

Other Ideas for Decorating Include:

● Do not clutter with too much stuff
● Use what you have to save some money
● Look west for inspiration
● Keep lighting in mind
● Decide if you want to cover the windows or leave them open for natural light to flood in
● Know thyself and trust your judgement
We love fixing, maintaining, and refinishing log cabins, and we have seen some amazing interior decorations that are one of a kind. And they came from the owners’ planning and imagination. Contact us today to ask for decoration ideas or if you just want us to let you know we love what you choose to do with your log cabin!